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Easy Ways to Be a Fantastic Parent

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Take Charge

Children crave limits, which help them understand and manage an often confusing world. Show your love by setting boundaries so your kids can explore and discover their passions safely.

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Be the role model your children deserve.

 Kids learn by watching their parents. Modeling appropriate, respectful, good behavior works much better than telling them what to do.

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Don't try to fix everything. 

Give young kids a chance to find their own solutions. When you lovingly acknowledge a child's minor frustrations without immediately rushing in to save her, you teach her self-reliance and resilience.

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Remember that discipline is not punishment. 

Enforcing limits is really about teaching kids how to behave in the world and helping them to become competent, caring, and in control.

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Make warm memories. 

Your children will probably not remember anything that you say to them, but they will recall the family rituals -- like bedtimes and game night -- that you do together.

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Teach kids this bravery trick. 

Tell them to always notice the color of a person's eyes. Making eye contact will help a hesitant child appear more confident and will help any kid to be more assertive and less likely to be picked on.

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